9/7) Bitcoin starts again. CA Stop shipping. USA AU SA ..Still only SEA. Please read the Q&A before purchasing.
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You are buying cigarettes, not toilet paper. Please don't expect us to solve your country's problems.
We refuse the purchase of a minor. Cigarettes are sensitive goods,  1 order should not exceed 5 cigarettes.

WISEDon't forget to mark the order #number. Or mark the transaction #number in the order.
For countries that do not support WISE, we can try to use Bitcoin.

1) Q: Regarding the number of items purchased. 
Please do not ignore the following risks. Note: AU/UK is at risk of being confiscated.
1) There is a risk of losing the package, we cannot make a claim for you.
2) Pay high taxes 3) Confiscated by customs 4) Deported back to Tokyo
5) We do not sub-package for an order, which is difficult.
6) The quantity of purchases easily affect the probability of customs clearance.
1 order do not exceed 5 cartons at most, the excess quantity will be reserved.
Once the payment is completed, no refund is possible. Please be careful not to make mistakes.
In order to avoid anticipated disputes, we may delete your membership or block it.

2) Q: Airport duty-free cigarettes can order it?
We only offer cigarettes that are in circulation in Japan, not duty-free goods.
3) Q: When will I receive my order?
At present, due to the impact of the epidemic, shipping by sea takes about 2-3 months.
General aviation may take 1 month.
The transit time depends on the system problems of each country's post, which is beyond our control.
In order to keep the products fresh, we do not hoard goods. Each order takes about 2-5 days to prepare.
4) Q: What if I don't receive it? C.JPG AU.JPG UK.JPG USA.JPG FN.JPG IT.JPG JP Post  Contact
We use the post office (Registered post) for transportation.
Delays in local transportation or loss of parcels are not covered by our guarantees.
5) Q: There are several payment mode?We only accept Japanese yen.
Please join WISE. As long as the order number is marked in WISE, you do not need to report it.
We will update the payment status in a few hours.  
If the order number is not marked, please quickly reflect the transaction number to us.  
If the deposit is still not recognized after 3 days, it means that the payer is willing to let us compare the order or put it on hold. 

❖❖❖ Important statement -

Attention: When you make a purchase, please ensure that it is for your own personal use only.
Please also comply with the statutory adult regulations of your country.
Customs in your country may seize the parcel.  If you can't solve it yourself, please don't buy it.

1) Once the parcel is confiscated by the customs, we will not refund the money.  
Matters related to local customs or customs duties, you will need to deal with them yourself.
2) If there is any shortfall in your order, please allow us to make up for it subsequently.
If there is any mistake in the purchase, please understand that there will be no exchange or refund.
3) We use the post office (Registered post) for transportation.
Delays in local transportation or loss of parcels are not covered by our guarantees.
4) We are only responsible for keeping it for 10 days. If package return to Japan, please submit the next shipping plan quickly.

If you have any objections, please do not pay. Please stop trading immediately.
JTeXpress reserves the right to delete orders for a variety of reasons.

Upon completion of the payment, the representative agrees to abide by our above agreement.

Smoking is harmful to health, and we advocate smoking cessation activities.

Japanese tobacco business introduction